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Mechanical Music
Here are the various music making machines I've collected. It's fun to sit back and listen.

Seeburg G Orchestrion

Click for larger imageThe Seeburg G was manufactured by the J.P. Seeburg Piano company of Chicago, Illinois, one of the top names in automatic pianos. The Gs were produced circa 1918. There are approximately 40 remaining of which 18 are in the Chicago Area.

This Orchestrion features Piano, Pipe Organ, Mandolin, Bass and Snare Drums, Cymbal and Triangle. The Torch Light stained glass panels distiguish the Seeburg G.

There is also movies available (requries Windows Media Player):
Dream Kisses 320x240) - 2 Mb
The Charleston (320x240) - 2 Mb

Kimball Orchestrion Player Piano.

Kimball OrchestrionThe upper and lower glass is stained with two raised sections on the upper glassworks.  There are lights inside the top and lower sections to light up the internal instruments.  There also is a quarter slot on the upper right front for the player.

If you have a fast internet connection, I also have some movies for your viewing pleasure.

Movies available:
Thumbnail of Keyboard
Quicktime - Medium (320x240) - 1,593 kb
Quicktime - Small  (160x120) - 107 kb
Windows AVI - (640x480) - 15,730 kb

Band Organ - Wurlitzer 104

Band organ picture

Violano Virtuoso - Mills Novelty Company - Circa 1928

This is a combination Player Piano and Player Violin, and is entirely electrically driven. This was high-tech back at the time, and took the place of pneumatic systems, and is much more reliable.

Click to view larger image Violano picture
Violano picture Violano picture|

Movies Available:
Violano ThumbnailQuicktime - Medium (320x240) - 2,402 kb
Quicktime - Small (160x120) - 656 kb
Windows AVI - (640x480) - 23,188kb

Seeburg KT - Special

A Nickelodeon style machine from the 1920's. 100% pneumatic, except for the electric drive motor.

click for larger image click for larger image
click for larger image click for larger image
Movies available:
thumbnailQuicktime - Medium (320x240) - 2,406 kb
Quicktime - Small (160x120) - 833 kb
Windows AVI - (640x480) - 20,537 kb